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Great Cornrows On Curly Hair For Kids


Great Cornrows On Curly Hair For Kids

Braids by Moni Located in Mississippi Kids Cornrows and Crochet

If you are going to start shaping with clean and moist hair, first apply heat protective spray to your hair. But in a day when you can not wash the hair, you should first apply a dry shampoo to the hair and apply a heat protective spray. After that, take the hair into the stitches and start pulling. After drying the hair, make a big ripple all over the hair with a broad-tipped claw. In order for a natural appearance to occur, make sure that each hand holds a handkerchief in a different direction. Separate the hair and separate the two tufts from the back of an ear and from the front. Keep these tufts separated with a rubber buckle. You can create braids in the form of classical, three-point braid, or, alternatively, herringbone, the choice is entirely yours!


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