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70 Best Women Updo Hairstyles (2022 Ideas)

2021-2022 Hairstyles

70 Best Women Updo Hairstyles (2022 Ideas)

70 Best Women Updo Hairstyles (2022 Ideas)

Hair Updos can be really simple or tiresome, based on the way you do them. They look great on women. These are DIY hairstyles that can be done on your own. You can try out the Peek-a-boo Patsy style, which can be done with short, Mohawk hair and rollers by applying the serum on your hair.

The French roll is for women with long hair. Part the hair into three sections and smoothen the sides. Create rolls with your hair and apply some spray for a great finishing look.

The Mohawk style is one of the most common hair Updos that can be done with short hair. Part the hair and ensure that the top half is larger than the bottom. Smoothen each section and roll the hair into place. Use hair spray for a finish.

All these hairstyles look good on women. You can try this hairstyle with, long as well as short hair.

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