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30 Beautiful Cornrow All-Back Styles For 2022


30 Beautiful Cornrow All-Back Styles For 2022

30 Beautiful Cornrow All-Back Styles For 2022

Cornrow braided hairstyles require a unique ability to braid hair close to the scalp to create cool designs and beautiful styles. Cornrow styles can be simple, natural, classic, modern, sexy, big, small, and just about everything in between.

To help you see the latest trending braid styles, here are the best cornrow braids to get this year. From box braids to straight back rows, these cornrow hairstyles will transform your look and truly let your hair shine!

Cornrows are the cornerstone to beautiful hair and you can’t go wrong rocking any of the styles below, you want to feel like a princess or a queen you sure will with our varieties of cornrows all-back hairstyles.

Here is a compilation of 30 cornrows all back hairstyle ideas you’ll love..

1. Simple All Back Braid

Simple All Back Briad
Source: Hair Adviser

A simple all-back braid is great for all kinds of occasions. It’s less stressful compared to other braid hairstyles too and you don’t have to worry about it getting into your face. This can be styled with a pattern or simple all back.

2. Stitch Cornrow Braid

Stitch Cornrow Braid
Image: @justbraidsinfo // Instagram

Stitch cornrow has recently been introduced and we must admit, the hairstyle is worth the hype. It happens to be really classy and it’s a great protective hairstyle for natural hair.

3. Fulani Weaving Cornrow

Ghana Weaving Cornrow
Source: Latest Hairstyles

Cornrow does not have to be styled all back to be fun. Another really interesting way to make cornrow is in Fulani braid style. This is just as fun as any braided hairstyle.

4. Orange Cornrow Braid

Orange Cornrow Braid
Source: Ghana Braids

If you want to take a break from the usual black extensions then here is an orange cornrow all-back braid to inspire you.

5. Cornrow All Back With Scissor Pattern

Cornrow All Back With Scissor Pattern
Image: @cornrowbraid // Instagram

Adding patterns to cornrows is another really fancy way to make it. This shouldn’t take all day to make as long as you have an idea of what you want.

6. Mixed Pattern Cornrows With Beads

Mixed Pattern Cornrows With Beads
Image: @ashleymurugi // Instagram

When you need a generous amount of compliments go for this glam and sophisticated look that’ll undoubtedly make you receive a lot of attention.

7. Half Cornrows With Curls

Half Cornrows With Curls
Image: @ameliamonet // Instagram

Beautiful and unique half head cornrows with beads style that allows you to showcase some lushness of your braids and curls.

8. Creative Lengthy Cornrows

Creative Lengthy All Back
Image: @braided__ // Instagram

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Cornrows are super versatile,  you can decide to style them in a million different ways and look your best while at it.

9. Feed-In Cornrow Braids

Feed-In Cornrow Braids
Image: @braided__  // Instagram

Feed-in braids are a way to create an illusion of long cornrow braids, without the need for hair extensions.  First, you create a starter braid using your natural hair, then add synthetic braiding hair is to create a long cornrow that still looks natural.

10. Classic Cornrows With Curls

Classic Cornrows With Curls
Image: @erica_letstalkhair // Instagram

Simple and classic cornrows. Easy to make and you can decide to leave part of the braids as curls, to get more attention and compliments.

11. Goddess Cornrows With Braids

Image: @itscrazysally // Instagram

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’ll make you look and feel like a princess, then opt for these beautiful medium cornrow braids, decorated with beads.

12. Zig Zag Clean Lines

Zig Zag Clean Lines
Image: @janeebarbre // Instagram

Sophisticated, bold, and elegant unique zig-zag unique patterns.

13. Symmetrical Cornrows With Beads

Symmetrical Cornrow
Image: @mccluretwins // Instagram

Systematical cornrows with beads look elegant on both young and old.

14.Thick Creative Extension Cornrows

Creative Extension Cornrow
Image: @mikasstyles // Instagram

Thick creative extension cornrows hairstyles are so easy to fall in love with it! These large cornrows achieve classy, feminine, and quirky all in one go. Well detailed lines, It’s all about the details!

15. Colored Curve Lines Cornrows

Colored Curve Lines Cornrows
Image: @sandrasbraids // Instagram

Lighter colors tend to show off your cornrow braid pattern easier. This is especially true with a pale shade like gold.

16. Two Big Cornrows For Pretty Ladies

Two Big Cornrows For Pretty Ladies
Image: @sandrasbraids // Instagram

If big cornrows hairstyles are what you’re after, there you have it. This what I call a stress-free hairdo with no time consumption. 2 big cornrow braids are absolutely easy and makes give you an elegant look.

17. Four-Part Side Cornrow

Image: @zumbahairbeauty // Instagram

There’s no need for your cornrows to be complicated for them to look absolutely beautiful. Small cornrows deserve just as much praise as complex African cornrow’s designs and patterns.

18. Clean And Simple Cornrows

Image: @teairawalker // Instagram

Clean cornrows keep the braids tight and keep the hair neat to prevent any frizz.

19. Shoulder Length Cornrows Braids With Beads

Shoulder Length Cornrow Braids With Beads
Image: @ann_ita1 // Instagram

Cornrow looking flawless and it’s easy to maintain. It leaves lots of room for individualized style choices and can be decorated with beads and other hair accessories.

20. Tiny Long Extension Cornrows

Tiny Long Extension Cornrow
Image: @hairbyopee // Instagram

Hair extensions are a popular way to add length and more body to your hairstyle and can be paired with hair jewelry like beads, wraps, or cuffs to complete this lovely style.

21. Side Part Cornrows

Side Part Cornrow
Image: @christiana_valerie // Instagram

If this is a look you have not considered yet, then you totally should. This side cornrows hairstyle is for someone who would love a pronounced look.

22. Tiny Cornrows With Colorful Extension

Tiny All Back With Colorful Extension
Image: @hairbykay_ris // Instagram

Adding a bit of color to your tiny cornrows will do absolutely great trick to the look, making it more colorful and having a playful look at the same time. You can achieve the look by adding a different color to the part of the braid. You can add one color or a few.

23. Blonde Half Part Cornrows Braids

Blonde Half Part Cornrows Braids
Image: @its_just_hair01 // Instagram

You sure can’t go wrong with extra length, different colors than your natural hue, and exploring ways to add volume to match your neat cornrows braids.

24. Half Cornrow-Half Box Braid

Half Cornrow-Half Box Braid
Image:@oceanlewis // Instagram

Sophisticated and unique. You won’t regret a trip to the stylist when what you’re left with is this wonderful hairdo.

25. Classic Look With Clean Lines

Classic Look With Clean Lines
Image: @infinity_beautylounge // Instagram

Classic look,  yet cool way to braid your hair, without having to come up with creative designs and quirky patterns.

26. Alternating Cornrows Braids

Alternating Cornrows Braids
Image: @hair_by_sarzy // Instagram

Braiding your hair into beautiful cornrows will not only save you hours of precious time you would spend on styling your hair, but you will unavoidably receive praise wherever you go with your cornrows hairstyle.

27. Something Creative With Clean Lines

Something Creative With Clean Lines
Image: @beauty_can_braid // Instagram

Something creative with a curvy line at the front, giving the hair a classy look.

28. Half Cornrows With Curls

Half Cornrows With Curls
Image: @infinity_beautylounge // Instagram

One great way to bring vibrancy into your braided hairstyle is to have cornrows with extensions. The added blended hair can be any color of your choice.

29. Eye Catching Side Ways All Back

Eye Catching Side Ways All Back
Image: @africanghanaweaving // Instagram

An epic and creative combination, clean, polished, and cute eye-catching sideways cornrows.

30. Blue Cornrows Braids

Blue Cornrows Braids
Image: @trancaarte // Instagram

You can pair your cornrows with any color of your choice for a gorgeous look.

In conclusion:

Cornrows hairstyles give you the best look if styled by a talented professional stylist.

Some of these looks are easy to duplicate on anyone’s hair, both young and old, but some others are more intricate and may require a professional to undertake.

So you might want to have your stylist on speed dial before viewing these beautiful styles because you will get inspired.

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